Meet the Team - Maths, English and ICT



Meet the team.....



I teach adults at every level and enjoy working with all of them. I love the experience of teaching and helping others learn new skills and develop their confidence.


I have been teaching Maths and English since 1998 and ESOL, ICT and TEFEL since 2006. I now teach Maths, English and ICT from entry level to level 2 for community groups and apprentices. I enjoy the diversity in conversation and culture and like to play a part in helping people reach their potential.


I have worked at Stockton Learning & Skills Service for 4 years. I am the lead tutor for Functional Skills & Employability and I am also an IT tutor. I love working with the older generation to help them become digitally aware allowing them to connect with their family and friends


I have been teaching ICT from beginners through to Level 2 for the past 20 years. I am also an IV and lead IV. I love my job and enjoy meeting learners and seeing their ICT skills progress.


I am a Maths tutor and I have been teaching for several years. I enjoy helping learners become more confident with maths and it’s a pleasure watching them achieve.


I have been teaching IT for 8 years including Microsoft Office but I specialise in Microsoft Excel. I love watching my learners’ master new IT skills that they can translate to a task in the workplace or at home.