Hospitality, Catering & Nutritional Wellbeing

Hospitality, catering & nutritional wellbeing

The hospitality industry is a diverse sector and a 24-hour industry where many people employed work varied hours, evening and weekend. 

we offer short courses and workshops to develop your culinary skills and if you are hungry for a career in the industry, we offer a range of opportunities to step into a professional kitchen, experience front of house café service and build your chef skills across our professional courses. If you think you can take the heat, then get in our kitchen!

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Bitesize Cookery thumbnail
Bitesize Cookery

This hands-on cookery course has been designed to provide learners with the opportunity to develop a variety of skills which preparing a wide range of delicious food.

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Family Dinner Favourites on a budget thumbnail
Family Dinner Favourites on a budget

Family Dinner Favourites on a Budget is an introduction to baking, boiling and stewing methods of cookery. 

During the course, you will learn how to o use digital scales, measuring jugs and measuring spoons to weigh and measure accurately, research and discuss the origins of dishes and introduce sauce-making techniques and kneading techniques.

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Festive Cooking on a Budget thumbnail
Festive Cooking on a Budget

During Festive Cooking on a Budget, you will learn the following techniques Rubbing in, Creaming, Folding, whisking, rolling out, shaping, and piping using a star nozzle. You will also learn how to to bake/roast/boil/air fry as a method of cookery.

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Baking Basics thumbnail
Baking Basics

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own pastry, perhaps been confused over which flour to use or even which size tin to use for a cake? Then this is the course for you!

Over 6 weeks we will explore some classic recipes and the items you bake can be taken home to enjoy with your family and friends.

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Cooking the Cost - One Pot Cooking thumbnail
Energy Saving Recipes

Come and join our Cook the Costs course which will help you enhance your skills in preparing and cooking meals within a limited budget.

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Cooking for Health thumbnail
Cooking for Health

Cooking for health refers to the practice of preparing and consuming meals that prioritise nutrition and well-being. The main focus is on using wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients and cooking methods that retain the maximum nutritional value of the food. Cooking for health is not about restrictive diets or fads but rather about making sustainable and informed choices to support overall health and wellness.

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