Functional Skills English – Entry Level 2



The course focuses on developing functional skills in English, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It aims to provide learners with the tools they need to communicate effectively, understand information, and participate confidently in various real-life situations.

Speaking and Listening Skills: Learners will develop their speaking and listening skills through a range of interactive activities and exercises. They will practice expressing themselves clearly and effectively in everyday conversations and discussions. Emphasis will be placed on improving pronunciation, fluency, and communication strategies. Additionally, learners will actively listen to spoken English in different contexts to enhance their comprehension and understanding.

Reading Skills: The course will enhance learners' reading skills by focusing on comprehension and interpretation. They will learn strategies to understand different types of texts, such as short articles, instructions, emails, and simple stories. Through guided exercises, learners will improve their ability to extract key information, identify main ideas, and comprehend the overall meaning of written materials.

Writing Skills: Learners will develop their writing skills by practicing various forms of written communication. They will learn how to construct clear and coherent sentences and paragraphs. The course will cover basic writing tasks, including filling out forms, writing personal information, and composing simple messages. Attention will be given to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, enabling learners to produce accurate written work.

At this level, once you have completed the course you will be able to:

Listen and respond

  • Listen for and follow the gist of explanations, instructions and narratives
  • Listen for detail in short explanations, instructions and narratives
  • Listen for and identify the main points of short explanations or presentations
  • Listen to and follow short, straightforward explanations and instructions
  • Listen to and identify simply expressed feelings and opinions
  • Respond to straightforward questions

Speak to communicate

  • Speak clearly to be heard and understood in straightforward exchanges
  • Make requests and ask questions to obtain information in everyday contexts
  • Express clearly statements of fact, and short accounts and descriptions
  • Ask questions to clarify understanding

Engage in discussion

  • Follow the gist of discussions
  • Follow the main points and make appropriate contributions to the discussion

Reading comprehension

  • Trace and understand the main events of chronological and instructional texts
  • Recognise the different purposes of texts at this level
  • Identify common sources of information
  • Use illustrations and captions to locate information

Writing composition

  • Use written words and phrases to record or present information

Grammar and punctuation

  • Read and understand linking words and adverbials in instructions and directions (e.g. next, then, right and straight on)
  • Use knowledge of simple sentence structure and word order to help decipher unfamiliar words and predict meaning
  • Apply own life experience and knowledge to check out plausible meanings of a sentence as a whole when decoding unfamiliar words
  • Use punctuation and capitalisation to aid understanding
  • Construct simple and compound sentences, using common conjunctions to connect two clauses (e.g. as, and, but)
  • Use adjectives
  • Use punctuation correctly (e.g. capital letters, full stops and question marks)
  • Use a capital letter for proper nouns

Vocabulary, word recognition and phonics

  • Read and understand words on forms related to personal information (e.g. first name, surname, address, postcode, age, date of birth)
  • Recognise high-frequency words and words with common spelling patterns
  • Use phonic and graphic knowledge to decode words
  • Use a simplified dictionary to find the meaning of unfamiliar words
  • Use initial letters to find and sequence words in alphabetical order

Spelling and handwriting

  • Spell correctly the majority of personal details and familiar common words
  • Use their knowledge of sound-symbol relationships and phonological patterns (e.g. consonant clusters and vowel phonemes) to help work out correct spellings, as appropriate for the needs of the learner
  • Produce legible text

The course emphasises the application of English language skills in practical, everyday contexts. Learners will acquire essential vocabulary, grammar, and language conventions to navigate common situations, such as reading signs, understanding basic instructions, participating in social interactions, and handling simple transactions. They will also develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills to make informed decisions and express opinions effectively.

Throughout the course, learners will receive guidance and support from experienced instructors who will provide constructive feedback on their progress. They will have access to a range of learning resources, including textbooks, online materials, and interactive exercises, to enhance their learning experience.

By successfully completing the Certificate in Functional Skills in English (Entry Level 2), learners will have developed a solid foundation in English language skills, enabling them to communicate with confidence, further their education, and engage meaningfully in English-speaking environments.



Course Type / Level

Beginners - Intermediate



Who is this for?

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to build their confidence and ability, making steps into finding employment or to refresh existing knowledge in reading and writing English.

There may be additional support available in the class if required.

Entry Requirements

Age 19 +
EU/UK resident for the last 3 Years

Dates and Duration

Start Date: 11 September 2023
Time: 13:00 - 16:00
Day: Monday
Duration: 20 Weeks

Start Date: 14 September 2023
Time: 13:00 - 16:00
Day: Thursday
Duration: 20 Weeks


Venue to be confirmed

Progression Route

Functional Skills English entry 3

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The Certificate in Functional Skills in English (Entry Level 2) is a comprehensive course designed to equip learners with essential English language skills for practical, everyday use. This course is based on the NCFE qualification, ensuring that learners receive a recognised and valued certification upon completion.

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