Supported Life Skills

Employability & Work Skills


Through interactive activities, support, and real-life simulations, learners will acquire the skills necessary to enhance their overall independence and quality of life.

Daily Living Skills: Learners will develop proficiency in fundamental activities of daily living, such as personal hygiene, meal planning and preparation, budgeting, time management, and household chores. They will gain hands-on experience to effectively manage their home environment and personal well-being.

Communication and Social Skills: The course will enhance learners' social interactions by focusing on effective communication, social etiquette, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and teamwork. Participants will build self-awareness, and empathy, and develop strategies for building and maintaining healthy relationships. They will explore relevant projects to help them to develop their communication skills and work with others.

Community Engagement: Learners will explore their local community, discovering available resources and community services. They will engage in activities that will help them build links with others and prepare for joining in activities going on in the wider community.

Literacy and numeracy: Participants will gain basic numeracy and financial literacy skills and develop their English skills further. They will learn about making financial decisions and about speaking and listening skills that help them understand and advocate for themselves.

Health and Safety: The course will cover essential knowledge of personal safety, and basic health and wellness practices. Learners will look at their own physical and emotional well-being, manage stress, and seek appropriate support when needed.

Transition Planning: The course will help learners to look at what they want to do next and their longer-term goals. It will help them to think about different ways they might live and work in the future.

The course is built around our learners' interests and needs and provides a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Tutors use hands-on activities, role-playing, multimedia resources, and community-based experiences. Support will be provided, allowing learners to progress at their own pace while fostering self-confidence and self-advocacy.

Learners' progress will be evaluated through a combination of observation and practical activities. Regular feedback and goal-setting sessions will be conducted to ensure continuous improvement and learner progress.

This course is open to adults with special educational needs. No prior knowledge of independent living skills is required, as the course is designed to cater to learners at various levels of ability.

The course is run throughout the year and new applications are welcome at any time.



Course Type / Level



Employability & Work Skills

Who is this for?

Supported Life Skills is a program that's been created to help learners with special educational needs develop important skills that will allow them to lead a full and independent life.

Entry Requirements

Age 19 +
EU/UK resident for the last 3 Years

Dates and Duration

Start Date: 20 September 2023
Time: 09:00 - 12:30
Day: Wednesday
Duration: 12 Weeks

Start Date: 10 January 2024
Time: 09:00 - 12:30
Day: Wednesday
Duration: 11 Weeks

Start Date: 17 April 2024
Time: 09:00 - 12:30
Day: Wednesday
Duration: 13 Weeks


Billingham Community Centre
The Causeway, Billingham
TS23 2DA

Progression Route

Functional skills Maths, English and IT

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You may be reading this to help a friend or relative who has special educational needs. You can reach out to us for help to understand what our course involves and how we can help your friend or relative.

The Supported Life Skills course is specifically designed for learners with special educational needs to develop essential skills for leading an independent and full life.

This course focuses on practical abilities and self-reliance, enabling individuals to navigate daily challenges with confidence and independence.

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