Employability & Work Skills

Employability & Work Skills

Feel like you're getting nowhere with your job search? we're here to help you land that job and prepare for the world of work.

We run a variation of short courses that help you focus on seeking and securing employment, getting your IT skills up-to-scratch and understanding interview tips.

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Pathfinder Coaching Programme

Our Pathfinder Coaching Programme is designed to help individuals unlock their potential. We provide one to one and small group support that helps you clarify your goals and what is stopping you from moving on and reaching them.

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NCFE Level 1 Volunteering

The NCFE Level 1 Volunteering course is designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of volunteering and its role in society. This course offers an opportunity for learners to explore the concept of volunteering, its benefits, and the practical skills required to become effective volunteers.

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Supported Life Skills

You may be reading this to help a friend or relative who has special educational needs. You can reach out to us for help to understand what our course involves and how we can help your friend or relative.

The Supported Life Skills course is specifically designed for learners with special educational needs to develop essential skills for leading an independent and full life.

This course focuses on practical abilities and self-reliance, enabling individuals to navigate daily challenges with confidence and independence.

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