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The Tees Valley is a growing hub for arts, culture & leisure with some great flagship businesses, sports and cultural venues and attractions. 

There are many positive health benefits to be gained while participating in creative and cultural activities, more than just simple enjoyment. If you need a boost to your health and well-being, the benefits range from enhancing self-esteem and increasing brain productivity.


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Crafting for Beginners thumbnail
Crafting for Beginners

This ten-week course is jam-packed with crafting skills. You will learn the basics of subjects like Macrame, crocheting, lino printing and much more. 

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Figurative Drawing for Beginners thumbnail
Figurative Drawing for Beginners
Health, Wellbeing and Self Development

Relax and learn to draw for your own pleasure.

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Urban Sketching thumbnail
Urban Sketching

In this Urban Sketching Course, you will experience the thrill of sketching on the go and the joy of documenting your urban adventures through art. Venture outside for on-location sketching sessions, immersing yourself in the urban environment. Explore different sketching techniques and line work to add depth and dimension to your drawings.

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Watercolour Painting thumbnail
Community Art for Wellbeing

This innovative and inclusive course focuses on using art as a means to promote mental well-being and foster a sense of belonging within a supportive group setting. Whether you have personal experience with mental health challenges or are passionate about using art for positive change, this course is designed to empower you to create a safe and healing space for individuals to express themselves and find strength through creative connections.

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Sculpture for Beginners thumbnail
Sculpture for Beginners
Health, Wellbeing and Self Development

Ever wanted to try sculpturing? This course enables you to explore different mediums such as paper, wire and air clay to develop skills and techniques to achieve small to medium sculptures. 

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Mixed Media and Collage for Beginners thumbnail
Mixed Media and Collage for Beginners
Health, Wellbeing and Self Development

This is a 5 week beginners guide to exploring Mixed media.  You will learn new techniques and realise the potential of collage through the course.  You will be able to experiment with mixed media (Paper, paint, recycled materials, etc), explore the varied techniques of collage and challenge the boundaries of different mediums. 

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