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The Tees Valley is a growing hub for arts, culture & leisure with some great flagship businesses, sports and cultural venues and attractions. 

There are many positive health benefits to be gained while participating in creative and cultural activities, more than just simple enjoyment. If you need a boost to your health and well-being, the benefits range from enhancing self-esteem and increasing brain productivity.


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Chinese for Beginners thumbnail
Chinese for Beginners

Chinese for Beginners introduces the basic grammar and essential vocabulary as well as Chinese characters. You will be able to recognise over 100 characters, read simple short texts in Chinese and make a conversation related to some topics.


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Next Steps Chinese thumbnail
Next Steps Chinese

You will learn how to effectively communicate in a wide range of situations using a variety of language structures, including:

  • Asking and telling the time
  • Talking about time in relation to everyday situations and habits
  • Ordering simple food and drinks in a restaurant
  • Making comments on certain food
  • Talking about your family and pets
  • Talking about the weather in different seasons
  • To compare the weather in different places
  • To make comparisons and give suggestions
  • Write 350 characters in the right-stroke order

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Stockton's Medieval Villages thumbnail
Stockton's Medieval Villages

Led by our passionate historian, this course invites you to discover the remnants of medieval village life in our borough. Communities that once thrived before yielding to the effects of land management, plague, and the impact of climate change. How the Priory followed by the Dean & Chapter controlled taxes and rents. Discover how these settlements evolved over time and adapted to their surroundings.

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Genealogy for Beginners thumbnail
Genealogy for Beginners

Step into the fascinating world of genealogy to uncover the roots of your family's history. Led by an experienced genealogist, this course provides a supportive and interactive environment for beginners to navigate the exciting realm of genealogical exploration. You'll learn to piece together the puzzle of your ancestors, discovering captivating stories, traditions, and forgotten chapters that contribute to the unique fabric of your family's journey.

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Walk Back in Time thumbnail
Walk Back in Time

Embark on an enthralling journey through the annals of local history in our captivating course, "Walk Back Through Time: Take a step beyond the confines of textbooks and delve into the immersive experience of retracing the footsteps of our ancestors, as we traverse the corridors of time, you will be guided by our very own passionate historian who will unravel the captivating tales behind each historical milestone. Learn how to research and document your own family history and heritage. 

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Victorian Stockton thumbnail
Victorian Stockton

Step back in time to explore the fascinating local history of Stockton in the Victorian Era (1837-1901). This immersive course delves into the unique aspects of Victorian life, culture, and society that shaped our community during this transformative period in history. Through a combination of engaging talks, interactive discussions, and field trips, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the impact the Victorian Era had on their local area. Overview of the historical context, including the reign of Queen Victoria and key events that defined the era.

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