Amy Dixon - Early Years Educator Level 3

I left school unexpectedly during the Covid19 pandemic, so I never got to sit my GCSE’s. I had decided before that I wanted a career in Early Years Educator Level 3 . I had started to volunteer at Forest Friends Since august 2019 and they agreed that I could complete my apprenticeship with them. 

When I started college I was really nervous and worried that I was going to be alone and not able to do the work. Once I met my tutor and explained how I felt I became relaxed and excited. So far I have enjoyed the work and learning about childcare. Times have been hard and stressful but I have managed. It is all about being organised and keeping up with the work. I am really enjoying college and can not wait to finish my course and be qualified knowing I have achieved something I have always dreamed about doing.

Completing an apprenticeship is all about achieving one step at a time to get the qualifications for a job. Never give up and always try your best. Set little goals and believe in your self. Take little steps and chip away and your will complete the course in time.




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