Learner Voice



Message from Kevin Cooper Chair of the Learner Forum

"The Learner Forum lets you tell us what Adult Learning is doing well, what we can improve and what new things we should be thinking about.

If you're a learner enrolled on a course with Stockton Council Learning and Skills Service  then you can apply to join the forum. We're looking for learners from all backgrounds and levels, any age and experience. We'll provide you with the support to feel confident in your role."

To join, email or ask your tutor to email on your behalf.

What will the Learner Forum do?

  • Let you make suggestions of what could go into learning programmes
  • Help staff evaluate information from learner surveys and participation reports
  • Allow you to meet and share experiences and ideas with other learners and staff
  • Let you voice your concerns and ensure we respond appropriately to the issues raised
  • Help ensure accessibility by road testing evaluation forms, systems and changes in policy, etc 
  • Provide an ongoing consultation role for staff and the governing body
  • Provide up to date and in-depth information from Adult Learning staff on new initiatives, resources and services

How often does the forum meet?

The forums take place once a term and are currently held online via Microsoft Teams.

The benefits to you of being a member

Taking part in a forum and acting as a Learner representative will help you develop confidence and communication skills.

It's a voluntary role and experience as a forum member will enhance your CV . You'll also make a positive contribution to the development of the Stockton Learning and Skills Service.

Who attends the meetings?

The Adult Learning and Skills Manager, Learner Forum Chair, learner representatives and staff, depending on the topics for discussion.